The Legend Of The Buffalo Wing Pizza (aka “The Inducer”)

Are you pregnant and past your due date or close to and “just over it”? Well, North Carolina moms-to-be are coming to Hawthorne’s NY Pizza & Bar for something more than just the delicious food. They’re coming to induce their labor! Pregnant women from all over Charlotte and surrounding areas are coming to get what people are now calling “The Inducer”, a Buffalo wing pizza layered with chicken, mozzarella cheese, and our Hawthorne’s in-house, SPECIAL medium-hot buffalo sauce.

This legendary pizza is gaining a lot of attention, being mentioned on numerous news and media outlets such as, People MagazineVice Media,, Charlotte Five, Food&, Fox News, New York Post and many others!  The Inducer was even featured on Kelly Ripa’s show Live! With Kelly.

Although there is no scientific proof that any certain foods can induce labor, this isn’t stopping expectant mothers from enjoying and sharing the speedy power of our pizza. Ali Aldrich was pregnant and eager to deliver. She ate the spicy pizza for dinner, went to the hospital, and gave birth to her daughter the next morning. Kristin Kogan ate one slice before her water broke inside the restaurant at 7th Street. Henley Schmiedel’s water broke only hours after she indulged in a few slices of our Buffalo Wing Pizza and went into labor within four hours.

Even though the Charlotte community has rumored about the legend for years, the company has only become aware of it recently. Mandii Green, owner of Belles Creative who handles PR and marketing for the company, told VICE Munchies that they learned of this labor-inducing pizza when contacted through Hawthorne’s social media by a mother who sent a picture of her baby and thanked Hawthorne’s for helping. Green went on to say “apparently it’s been going on for the past several years … the latest buffalo pizza-induced birth was just a few weeks ago, and the mother gave birth within hours of eating the pizza!” 

Even without evidence to support the magical properties of “The Inducer,” it’s unlikely that new moms will stop indulging their future pregnancy cravings, if only because they love the taste. “The pizza is amazing,” Schmiedel told Charlotte Five. “It is spicy and it does have a kick to it.” Since then, several other Charlotte moms have tried out this little trick, with success. One of the owners of Hawthorne’s, Michael Adams, has said, “I think it’s amazing! When the first person posted that our buffalo wing pizza induced their labor, several new moms followed up to say the same thing.” Therefore, the legend continues to grow. I bet my wife wished we had known about this when we had both our children past due at 9 pounds!”

So, if you are ready to get your bun out of the oven or just enjoy an exceptional meal, then head over to one of our seven Hawthorne’s locations.

Thank you to all the moms who have come in to try the Inducer! We wish you luck!